5 Metal Detecting Tips for Beginners

One of the best places to pick up tips and tricks is at your local club, the combined years of study and devotion to the hobby will no doubt generate hundreds of stories, all containing tips and tricks in this field. So the first leap you have to take is to buy a metal detector, you can also hire a metal detector for the day in certain areas, and you won’t be disappointed with the excitement and joy it brings.

If you are a beginner and just started with your new hobby the following metal detecting tips are beneficial, and they will save you time and make your metal detecting more enjoyable and increase your chances to find valuables.
Tip 1 – The first thing you have to do after you have purchased a metal detector is to familiarize yourself with all the controls and make sure you know how to maintain it in good working order. It usually is a good idea to read the instruction manual thoroughly to make sure you didn’t miss something.
Tip 2 – The second thing you have to do is to run a few experiments in your backyard with known articles to learn how the unit responds to different objects like keys, coins, jewelry, soda can’s, pull-tabs and various other items. Spending time with your unit and learning how it works will save you a lot of time and frustration later on when you start hunting treasure.
Tip 3 – When you go detecting, plan your trip before you go. Usually, 80% of the time is spent is on gathering information and about 20% on the actual metal detecting. If you visit a particular area get maps for the specific area and plan your detecting around the most likely places where you suspect you may find something. Look for old pathways or ruins or signs of human population and activity in the past.
Tip 4 – Ask Permission, if you want to metal detect on private property, get hold of the owner before the time and get permission to metal to detect. If you don’t have permission then don’t trespass on the property, you can land yourself into a lot of trouble.
Tip 5 – Go where the people are or used to be, you won’t find any treasure if someone hasn’t dropped it at some time. Coins and other valuables are where people used to be. Look at old maps, study the history of the place, look at old photographs, old newspapers to discover early community events and their locations.
Tip 6 – Learn to dig holes correctly, when digging in the grass make an incision and lift the sod out so that you can replace it later again, leaving the place almost undisturbed. It is also essential to fill up any holes after you have finished with them.

These few tips will get you started on your new metal detecting hobby and provide you with essential information that can save you time and increase your pleasure and treasure finds.